Term Life insurance Plans


Having the right Life Insurance plan in effect is the best way to safeguard your loved ones in the event of a premature death. With funerals and cost of living expenses constantly rising, having adequate coverage is the best way to ease this burden and give you and your loved ones peace of mind.


Single – Life Insurance is not just for those who are married or retired. A growing number of single people these days are providing for aging parents or younger siblings. Naming your loved ones as beneficiary of your policy can assist them in overcoming the financial consequences of your loss.

Couples – Whether one income or two, couples need life insurance to financially protect the remaining spouse.

  • Final expenses
  • Housing costs
  • Living expenses

Familes with children – Whether you are married with children or a single parent, the fact remains the same – your children rely on you for everything. If you died tomorrow, would you have a financial safety net in place to provide your children with the opportunities they wish to pursue?
Retired – If you are retired, hopefully you have set aside enough money to live comfortably and fullfill your everyday expenses. What happens in the event of an untimely death and the medical and funeral costs that accompany it? Adequate Life Insurance coverage can help widows and widowers avoid financial struggles without having to make drastic lifestyle changes.



TERM RIDER w/ Return of Premium You choose your own benefit level:
$55,000 – Elite
$30,000 – Preferred
$ 5,000 – Standard


  • The Whole Life coverage and the Term Return Of Premium both begin to separately build
    cash value after only two years.
  • Whole Life coverage ends at age 100 and, at that time, provides a maturity payment equal
    to the total face amount of the Whole Life insurance.
  • Term Insurance ends after 20 years and provides a maturity payment (Return of Premium)
    directly to the Policyowner that is equal to the total of all premiums paid for that term coverage.

At Family Heritage, we treat our customers like they are part of the family – our family!
You can count on Family Heritage to be there when you need us the most. Our secure investments, along with the dedication of our agents and home office associates, assure that Family Heritage will be there for your family for generations to come.
We deliver customer service like no other insurance company. Our service minded attitude is one of the greatest contributing factors to our client’s satisfaction.
This brochure is not the insurance contract. The policy explains in detail the rights and obligations of
both Family Heritage and the insured. Please read your policy carefully.
The benefits described in this brochure are contained in policy series L4POL
Limitations and Exclusions
Any death benefit of the policy or any riders will not be payable if the insured or anyone covered by any additional riders commits suicide, while sane or insane*, within two years** from the policy or rider effective date. Benefits will be limited to the amount of premiums paid.
The Accidental Death Benefit, if purchased, will not be payable if the insured’s death results from or is contributed to by 1) an act of declared or undeclared war, whether or not the insured is a member of any armed forces, 2) committing or attempting to commit an assault or felony, 3) operating, learning to operate or serving as a crew member of any aircraft or aerial navigation device, 4) taking of any drug, controlled substance, medication or sedative unless prescribed by a physician and according to any product warnings or 5) being intoxicated. The preceeding exclusions are of a general nature and may not all apply to your state. Consult your agent for the exclusions that are specific to your state.

  • Testimonials

    We never expected to have my wife diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 32. It literally rocked our world. We are so thankful we had our policy that took care of all the unexpected expenses. Best of all, the money was paid directly to us!
    - Moore
    Working with Pinnacle has allowed me to earn a great income, enjoy what I do, make a difference in the lives of others and live a life with freedom and flexibility!
    - Moore
    Pinnacle Brokerage Firm is a leading provider of supplemental benefit plans to small to mid-sized businesses as well as individual families, insuring hundreds of thousands of people across the United States.
    - Johny